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“Empowering housewives to become SUPER EDUCATORS. Our training programs provide women with the necessary skills and knowledge to become subject matter experts. With our digital content and lesson plans, they can deliver high-quality education to their students.”

Start Your Teaching Career To
Start Your Teaching Career To Build Your Career Build your reputation Secure a steady income Get Recognized Inspire Your Children

We will turn You Into Super Educator

Subject Training

Our IITian faculty team will provide you with the necessary training to become a subject matter expert.

Teaching Tools

"We provide modern, super awesome teaching tools to impress and engage your students."

Student Acquisition

Our marketing team assists you in promoting yourself, expanding your reach to students, and maximizing student enrollment.

We Assist You to Acquire More Students

Expand your tutoring reach and attract more students with our proven strategies and support.

Branding and Promotion

We help our super educators to create and promote their business in the education industry. We provide support in establishing their reputation and gaining recognition among potential students and parents.

Digital Marketing

Our team of experts uses proven strategies to create and execute customized digital marketing campaigns tailored to meet your specific needs. With our digital marketing solutions, you can effectively reach potential students, increase brand awareness, and grow your business.

We Take Care of All Your Teaching Needs

Expand your tutoring reach and attract more students with our proven strategies and support.

Teaching Content

Our high-quality educational resources include 3D and 2D animations, simulations, and other engaging tools that enable educators to deliver effective and captivating lessons to their students.


Our animations range from 2D to 3D and cover a wide variety of subjects, providing engaging visual aids for educators to enhance their lessons and help students understand complex concepts.

Assignments for Students

Our comprehensive assignment resources provide educators with a variety of exercises, activities, and assessments to enhance student learning and measure progress.

Test Series for Students

Our test series includes ready-made assessments for educators to evaluate student performance and identify areas of improvement.


What People say ?

"If you're looking to kickstart your teaching career and make a name for yourself, I highly recommend Teachx. Their training programs and resources provide a solid foundation for aspiring educators, and their support and guidance throughout the process are invaluable. Thanks to Teachx, I was able to establish myself as a respected and recognized educator in my Society."

Neha Ex-Housewife | Super Educator

"Thanks to Teachx's training and resources, I am now a successful and confident super educator, earning over 30k and making independent financial decisions. My husband and children now look at me with newfound respect and admiration. Teachx has empowered me to achieve success and fulfillment in my career, and I am grateful for their unwavering support."

Priya Ex-Housewife | Super Educator

Teachx transformed my life from a educated housewife to a super educator. They provided me with the necessary skills, knowledge and teaching content to excel in the field. Now earning over 45k, I'm grateful for Teachx's guidance and support in finding my true passion. I highly recommend Teachx to anyone looking for a career change or to pursue their calling in life.

Shubhangi Ex-Housewife | Super Educator

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